We can design your Septic tank system to be retro-fit with a Worm Farm waste water treatment solution that is an Eco-friendly aerobic septic system for primary treatment of waste water and sewage materials. Composting Worm Farms work in commercial and domestic environments, making them an ideal waste water treatment system.

Commercial Sewage systems and domestic waste water can be processed by a Worm Farm Septic tank system design, which is an Eco and environmentally friendly Waste water treatment plant. Aerated waste water treatment by Worm Farm primary waste treatment systems compost organic waste, Worms will process waste from domestic to commercial volumes. Compost your human and animal waste with a wet composting toilet system from Worm Farm Waste water Treatment plants.

Retro-fit your septic tank system to an environmentally friendly primary sewage treatment? A solution from Australian company Worm Farm Waste Systems is the waste treatment solution for you at the cost you can afford. Naturally process sewage and waste water into clear aerated odour free liquid that waters your garden. Worm Farm primary waste treatment systems are efficient and environmentally friendly Waste water and primary sewage treatment systems.

Sewage Treatment Plants and Septic Tank System design

Worm Farm primary treatment for septic waste water treatment systems, provide the most effective waste disposal systems that deal with your sewage in an odourless and mechanically free system. Far superior to typical septic tank systems, a worm farm aerated waste water treatment system uses worms to compost human and animal waste.

Septic Tank and Sewage Systems

A worm farm septic tank and sewage system solution can be installed on your property and process waste without making noise and remaining odour free. Worm farm sewage is a type of septic tank system that can work without the need of machinery, making worm farms an ideal solution to your septic tank and sewage system requirements.

Septic tank System design

If you are looking for a modern waste water or septic tank system primary treatment system that is cost effective and efficient, a worm farm could be just what you are looking for. Worm Farms design septic tank systems that are eco friendly as well as cost saving. The wet composting systemis self sufficient, as worm farms are a type of septic system that do not require machinery to process organic waste.

Septic Tank System Costs

Worm farms are an affordable septic tank system that do not incur further costs once installed due to the minimal amount of maintenance required and their 10 year warranty. The costs of running a commercial size septic tank system can be affordable with a worm farm primary waste water treatment plant, as they do not require ongoing maintenance, are 90% efficient and are self sufficient.

Sewage Treatment Plant and Septic tank System Costs

Are you seeking a cost effective primary sewage treatment method for waste water treatment? Aerated waste water composting worm farms are primary waste and sewage treatment plants that can deal with any amount of human or animal waste and sewage, and do so without creating odour. Retro fit your septic system with a worm farm primary treatment and waste water composting sewage treatment plant.

Most Effective Septic Tanks

The most effective septic tank solution for treating animal and human waste, wastewater and organic waste is here. A Worm Farm composting Waste System can turn all your organic waste into a clear, odour free liquid that will water your garden from beneath the ground. The worm farm waste system composts the waste at a rate that is up to twenty times faster than chemical based septic tanks.

Wet Composting Toilet System

A worm farm is a wet composting toilet system that can handle any amount of organic waste. A worm farm is an odourless wet composting primary sewage treatment and processing system for human and animal waste.

Composting Worm Farms

An Australian Worm Farm is the ideal green solution for the primary treatment of your organic waste water or sewage. Worm farm wet composting toilet systems are the most effective solution for organic waste disposal on the market today. The worm farms are self cleaning aerated waste water sewage treatment systems, they produce a clear odour free liquid from the worm farm waste treatment plant.

Worm Farms Australia

Worm Farms are one of the most effective wet composting systems available on the market today. Worm Farm Waste Systems are an Australian company that can install a worm farm tank to suit your composting needs, an aerated waste water septic tank and sewage treatment system for the primary treatment of your waste water.

Worm Farms Melbourne

Are you in Melbourne and seeking an effective method for composting your organic waste water? Worm Farm Waste water and Sewage treatment Systems are a Victorian company operating nationally that install some of the best primary treatment worm farm waste treatment systems available on the market today.

Worm Farming

Help the environment by reducing your personal and industrial organic waste. Septic tank and sewage treatment system worm farming is the the best way to dispose of organic waste. For a green solution to waste water treatment and sewage treatment plants, a primary treatment worm farm can be installed on your property as an efficient method of disposing of your commercial waste water.

Commercial Worm Farms

Industrial and commercial waste water treatment plant problems? A worm farm waste water treatment plant system can take care of your commercial organic waste water with an aerated waste water primary treatment septic tank. Worm composting systems can treat any amount of waste water or sewage, and are an ideal and efficient solution for the treatment of organic waste and sewage.

Primary Treatment and Sewage Treatment Plants and Systems

Worm Farm Waste and Sewer Systems provide households or commercial premises with a solution to their waste and sewage disposal problems. Worms can process any amount of sewage or organic waste, and at a faster rate than a typical septic tank. The worms turn the waste into a clear and odourless liquid that can be pumped to a collection area for the subterranean watering of your garden.

Waste Treatment Plants and Systems

Treat your household or commercial waste water treatment in the greenest, most cost effective way with a Worm Farm Waste treatment plant. By installing a composting worm farm to deal with your organic waste and sewage treatment in a single chamber, your human and animal sewage and organic waste can treated efficiently without incurring further costs. The worm farming primary treatment and sewage treatment plant system does not require maintenance or cleaning and is the quickest and most efficient way of treating organic waste and sewage.

Waste Water and Sewage Treatment Plants

Need an efficient solution for organic waste treatment and grey water? Worm Farm Waste Systems can handle your human and animal sewage, waste water and organic waste without the need for de-sludging or other expensive maintenance. Superior to anaerobic septic tank systems, the worm farm composting primary treatment system treats your organic waste without the use of machinery and costs almost nothing to run.

Primary Treatment of Waste Water

Looking for the most thorough method of dealing with organic waste and sewage? Worm Farm Waste Systems treat your sewage and organic waste thoroughly, producing an odourless liquid to hydrate your garden. But further levels of treatment can be applied, such as a sand filter, pebble clarifier or a sand mounted system to produce the sanitary levels you require.

Aerated Waste Water Treatment Plants

Worm Farm Waste Water treatment plants systems are an aerated waste processing sewage treatment system that utilises a wind driven ventilator to passively aerate the system without the need for power. Far superior to anaerobic methods adopted by septic tank systems, A Worm Farm Waste water treatment system does not require regular maintenance, and produces only an odour free substance when treating human and animal sewage.


An AWTS system from Worm Farms treats animal and human sewage with an aerobic treatment method. Aerobic wastewater treatment plants are the ideal solution to treating organic waste.

Primary Treatment and Sewage Treatment Plants

Worm Farm Waste Systems can be set up in a series or in a large stand alone system to cater to the specific requirements of your home or business. The primary treatment systems can treat your organic waste with little to no energy consumption, making them a preferred primary waste treatment system.

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About the frog

We use the frog as a mascot on our website, brochures and vehicles because they are excellent indicators of local environmental health.

Frogs disappear when the environment is under stress and return when conditions improve.

Frogs will not survive in a septic system.

It is not unusual to find frogs living happily in our Worm Farm Waste Systems and as they die in polluted water, what better proof is there of how healthy our systems are.

We are now supplying to the mining industry processing sewage and waste water.