Eco-Friendly Worm Farm Septic Tank Systems

A cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solution for the management of waste water, sewage and organic waste

Designing, manufacturing and installing the latest worm technology waste systems since 1966, A &A Worm Farm Systems specialises in organic waste management processes for domestic, commercial and rural applications right across Australia.

An all-in-one affordable alternative to traditional septic tanks, treatment plants and compost systems, our site specific worm farm septic tanks offer an elegant, odourless and non-mechanical system built on nature’s very own waste management system.

Efficiently converting organic waste, sewage and waste water on site into reusable liquid fertiliser for your property

A natural, biological septic system, this worm farm composting solution effectively processes sewage, all household waste water and organic garbage, including food and vegetation, as well as weed. Combined with naturally occurring organisms, the worm liquid opens up and improves the quality of your soil – enabling you to re-use and recycle it as liquid fertiliser on your garden, lawns and bushland.

From a block of units to sprawling farms and the mining industry, new installation or retro fitting of existing septic systems can all be easily accommodated by A &A Worm Farm Systems.

For a custom worm farm septic tank design and installation package to suit your specific site, contact us today

Not only are you taking responsibility for your organic waste, sewage and waste water, you can reduce your disposal of garbage to landfill by at least, a whopping 90%! That means, placing your garbage bin out for collection every 6-8 weeks for recyclable items only.

Do your part for the environment, talk to a consultant from A &A Worm Farm Waste Systems today.

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(29 March), Vic
Wonthaggi Historic State Coal Mine
Garden Street, Wonthaggi, Vic
Sunday 29th March 2015
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This event alternates every two years between Coal Creek and Wonthaggi, Vic
Farm World Warragul - Lardner Field Day
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Saturday 2nd May 2015
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About the frog

We use the frog as a mascot on our website, brochures and vehicles because they are excellent indicators of local environmental health.

Frogs disappear when the environment is under stress and return when conditions improve.

Frogs will not survive in a septic system.

It is not unusual to find frogs living happily in our Worm Farm Waste Systems and as they die in polluted water, what better proof is there of how healthy our systems are.

We are now supplying to the mining industry processing sewage and waste water.