Who we are

A & A Worm Farm Waste Systems is an Australian owned and operated company which installed its first Worm Farm Waste System in 1996.  In that time we have grown to be one of Australia’s leading alternative waste treatment system providers.

This company was established to provide waste treatment that requires no, or minimal, energy. A wholistic approach has been taken to manufacturing these systems. 98% of components are manufactured from recycled materials, further helping with landfill reduction.

Each system is designed to be site specific, maximising safety and system performance as well as providing the least risk to creeks, rivers, waterways and dams.

This company manages the total process for you, we apply for the Council permit to install, design and manufacture a system that will suit your application and then install the system on your site. All ongoing servicing obligations are conducted by trained A & A Worm Farm Waste Systems personnel.

Council applications require 2 site plans, 2 floor plans, and a cheque payable to your local shire for the cost of the permit fee. We will process all applications with your Council and will liaise with you when designing the system location on your site.

All systems are manufactured by A & A Worm Farm Waste Systems.

Why choose us

Here are 21 Reasons we people choose a Worm Farm Waste System.

  • 20 Years in the Waste Water industry
  • Thousands of  systems installed
  • 10 Year System Warranty
  • No smells
  • No service contracts
  • No noisy pumps
  • Suitable for all climates – Alpine and Tropical areas
  • Company employed installers are used to install your system
  • Low running costs. $20 per year based on a 4 bedroom house
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable
  • Approved in VIC, NSW, SA, QLD & NT
  • Natural liquid fertiliser is added into your soil
  • 20 times faster than septic or aerated systems in processing sewage solids
  • We help you with Permit Applications
  • Reduces household organic waste by up to 90%
  • Many effluent dispersal options
  • We can retrofit to your existing system
  • Domestic and Commercial Systems
  • Single chamber with low site impact
  • Aerobic system driven by a wind driven ventilator
  • Weed control – Dispose of ragwort, dock, thistle

Our experience

Manufacture - 20 years
Installation - 17 years
Service - 13 years
Development - 7 years
Design - 4 years

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Alan Duke

Alan Duke

Co-founder, Inventor

Alan has pioneered the technology that has taken our worm farm waste system to be the leading sewage waste water treatment solution in the world.

Ev Duke

Ev Duke

Co-founder, CEO

We utilise Australian technology for the design, manufacture and installation of non mechanical processing of sewage, waste water, organic food waste, animal and green waste.

We are proud to work with

Parks Victoria
Mt Isa Mines
Healesville Sanctuary
City of Yarra
Metro Trains
Wesley College


  • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    We are hugely impressed with the professional installation of our worm system and with Tony’s polite manner and extra care.

    Our neighbours have a worm system which they continue to express how clean and easy they run. read more

    Lisa & Nigel Spicer
  • Thank you all for your care and professionalism concerning our urgent sewage treatment plant installation. Initially we had decided on a septic system however after being treated appallingly by the contractor we felt we had no choice but to look for a last minute alternative. After a recommendation from a neighbour we approached A&A Worm Farm Waste Systems. read more

  • The installation all happened in our absence, so I didn’t get to witness any mess or chaos. However, when we DID see things afterwards, we were thrilled at the apparent effortlessness of it all. read more

    Michael Shirrefs
  • To whom it may concern.

    I contracted Mrs Duke of A&A Worm Farm Waste Systems to install a Worm Farm Waste System in the property at the above address. The system has worked satisfactorily since installation in July 2002 without any special maintenance. All the waste from the house is treated and remains on the block and provides excellent fertilizer for our vegetable garden. The only liquid leaving the block is storm water. I believe that the system is beneficial to the environment and could be used more widely with great benefit to the environment. I have a strong objection to any waste water being drained into the sea.

    Ron McIntyre. VIc

    Ron McIntyre.
  • Right from our 1st phone call though, everyone has been extra courteous and on the ball, always returning calls/emails and keeping us up to date and fully informed during the process.
    During the install I also received great feedback and praise for your system from the council health inspector, this can only add to our confidence in your model and was great to hear.
    I have to make a special comment on your installer Matt. read more

    Glenn and Anouk Pavey
  • One of the big pluses for the Worm Farm Waste System is that it NEVER smells of septic wastes like many other systems available read more

    Fiona G, Qld
  • Firstly, I must thank you for sending such wonderful technician to carry out the installation. The installer was a delight to have on our site, he was courteous, co-operative, accommodating and above all extremely safety conscious. read more

    Martin Jacobson
  • We just didn’t want to run with a standard septic storage system given the problems that can sometimes associate themselves with this method of waste collection. The A&A Worm Farm Waste Treatment System has been absolutely brilliant. In three years we have had not one incident and why would we, the only moving parts are the worms! read more

    Rod B, Vic

Environmental Waste Systems – Using Worm Technology

An all-in-one affordable alternative to traditional septic tanks.


Choose our natural, environmentally sustainable domestic sewage treatment solution for your home

We specialise in the design and installation of commercial septic tanks perfect for any site where organic waste is generated

Save up to $900 per annum on power consumption with our site specific rural septic tank systems

Retro fitting existing septic tanks and treatment plants A &A Worm Farm Systems can accommodate your specific site needs

A &A Worm Farm Systems can service you system when the need arises.

An A &A Worm Farm Systems specialist can provide expertise advice and recommendation for your next project