Worm Farms are the most effective septic tank systems designed to be solutions for primary wastewater treatment of sewage. Worm Farms are an aerobic septic system designed to act as a waste water treatment plant that can process any quantity of commercial or domestic sewage. Aerated wastewater treatment systems (AWTS) such as Worm Farms are ideal animal and human sewage treatment plants as they are odour and noise free.

A Worm Farm primary sewage treatment plant requires little to no maintenance and can handle any volume of organic waste. A worm farm AWTS - aerated wastewater treatment plant is the answer to your sewage treatment needs.

Worm Farms are primary waste treatment plants. An alternative to sewage treatment plants and Septic tank systems that compost organic waste into an odourless liquid fertiliser, worm farms are the most effective solution to septic tank primary sewage treatement. Worm Farm AWTS - aerated waste treatment systems operate in silence and can function without a pump, treating your sewage without the need for ongoing maintenance.

Manage Your Organic Waste with a Composting Worm Farm

When you need a high quality, cost effective and environmentally friendly organic matter and sewage treatment system, then worm farms from A & A Environmental Waste Solutions are the perfect answer. They provide significant advantages over traditional septic tank systems, and are suitable for use in both domestic and commercial situations. Worms are nature`s very own waste processing system, so when you utilise them, you`re taking advantage of the greenest waste management system of them all.

Processing organic matters and grey water costs businesses across Australia both time and money, but there is a much more efficient solution. Worm farms are suitable for human waste, animal waste, food waste, and organic waste processing. You`ll be left with clear, aerated liquid fertilizer that can be used on your fields in place of chemical fertilisers. This way, you`ll be doing even more to help the environment, and cutting down on the cost of buying fertilizer - a win-win situation all round.

Energy Efficient Wastewater and Sewage Treatment

The energy used by worm farms is also much lower than that used by conventional waste systems. Traditional waste treatment plants use pumps night and day, making noise and burning up energy. Worm farm pumps are only activated when needed, and this usually involves running for around one minute. This greatly reduces the amount of energy used, and makes them much quieter in operation. Because less energy is used, they can also result in reduced electricity bills.

Businesses` who install traditional organic matter and wastewater treatment plants, have to factor in the costs of maintenance, servicing and repairs. This can be a significant drain on your resources, particularly as the plant grows older. Because they rely on such a natural process, the worm farm waste systems require virtually no maintenance, and very rarely need repairs of any kind. This means that you can install the worm farm waste treatment plant, and then forget it`s there. It will do its job day after day, year after year, allowing you to concentrate on the more important aspects of running and growing a business.

Primary Sewage Treatment for Homes and Businesses

When you manage your organic waste with a composting worm farm you`re helping your profit margin, the environment, and your clients. Because the worm farm waste plant doesn`t produce an unpleasant smell, and is very quiet when in operation, and because the plant itself is hidden below ground - it can be placed in any area. If you have customers who visit your premises, they won`t even know it`s there. This is just one of the reasons that they`re ideal for restaurants, hotels, and companies involved in the hospitality industry.

Whether you`re a home owner looking for a more cost effective, and problem free, waste disposal system, an environmentally aware business, or a mining company who is looking to save time and money on their waste processing, then A & A Environmental Waste Solutions can help. Fill in the contact form, or telephone us today, we can answer any questions you may have. Take the first step to a better waste management solution.

Custom Waste Solutions for the Mining Industry

One area that`s witnessing a real growth in the use of worm farms, is the mining sector. Australia has rich natural resources, but getting to them can result in large amounts of waste materials being produced, along with grey water. Disposing of this matter has previously been a costly and laborious process, particularly in remote areas. Worm farms make it easy to convert all organic matter and waste water into compost and clear water. That`s just one of the reasons that mining companies across the nation are discovering the potential of our waste treatment system.

Our sewage and waste water treatment systems are truly bespoke, and made to measure for each individual client. Every installation is different; that`s why we call upon our wealth of experience to create a worm farm that harmonizes with the land, and is appropriate to your needs. A & A Environmental Waste Solutions have been designing, building, and installing worm farms for more than 15 years, for both domestic and commercial customers. During that time we`ve been refining our processes and making them even more effective and efficient.

Commercial Sewage System

A worm farm sewage system can treat commercial quantities of waste without the need for ongoing maintenance. Worm farms are a commercial sewage system that can treat commercial quantities of waste using a noise and odour free method that are chemically free.

A Septic Tank System or Primary sewage Treatment systems replaced by Worm Farms

Worm farms are an organically operated primary treatment plant free of machinery. The worms treat organic waste and sewage, leaving a clear and odourless liquid that can be used to fertilise your garden. Worm farm primary waste treatment systems are an increasingly popular method of dealing with sewage and organic waste from both domestic and commercial premises.

Sewage Treatment using an Organic Septic tank system design

Treat sewage in the most effective way possible with an aerobic septic system for waste water treatment from Worm Farm. The primary wastewater treatment plants operate in silence and are odour free, making them a preferred organic waste treatment option throughout Australia.

Septic tank system Treatment Plants

Worm Farm aerated waste treatment plants are one of the most efficient sewage treatment systems on the market today. Customers of Worm Farm are consistently impressed with the wastewater treatment plants that treat sewage and waste water without odour or noise.

Waste Treatment Plants

A worm farm waste treatment plant is the ideal solution to your domestic or commercial wastewater and sewage treatment needs. Treat all your organic waste without noise or odour with a worm farm treatment plant, the ideal aerated primary sewage treatment system.

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A & A Worm Farm Waste Systems is an Australian owned and operated company which installed its first Worm Farm Waste System in 1996.  In that time we have grown to be one of Australia’s leading alternative waste treatment system providers.

This company was established to provide waste treatment that requires no, or minimal, energy. A wholistic approach has been taken to manufacturing these systems. 98% of components are manufactured from recycled materials, further helping with landfill reduction.

Each system is designed to be site specific, maximising safety and system performance as well as providing the least risk to creeks, rivers, waterways and dams.

This company manages the total process for you, we apply for the Council permit to install, design and manufacture a system that will suit your application and then install the system on your site. All ongoing servicing obligations are conducted by trained A & A Worm Farm Waste Systems personnel.

Council applications require 2 site plans, 2 floor plans, and a cheque payable to your local shire for the cost of the permit fee. We will process all applications with your Council and will liaise with you when designing the system location on your site.

All systems are manufactured by A & A Worm Farm Waste Systems.