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Worm Farm Waste System A System of Excellence

A Worm Farm Waste System to beneficially remove sewerage and organic waste from the environment   Down on the sunny Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, is a company with a secret. The company is A&A Worm Farm Waste Systems and the secret is the key to the World’s Best Worm Farm Septic Tank System that drives Sewage…


Worm Farm Septic Tank System

Will my council approve a Worm Farm Septic Tank?

Council Permit For A Worm Farm Septic Tank   Gaining a permit from your local council is a crucial step in the process of installing a Worm Farm Septic Tank. This is why the A&A Worm Farm Waste Systems team are happy to take on this responsibility for you!   With over 20 years experience…


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Eco-Friendly Septic Tank in 7 Easy Steps

Its never been Easier to get your very own Super Eco-Friendly Septic Tank   Here’s How   1. Eco-Friendly Septic Tank Site Analysis   To determine if your anble to install a Eco-Friendly Septic Tank we first gather a whole bunch of information such as your location, land size, number of bedrooms and even the…


Domestic Septic Tank System

Worm Farm Waste Systems – More than just a sewerage solution

While A & A Worm Farm Waste Systems are the perfect solution for properties without town sewerage access, the benefits run much deeper than practicality, as we explain below.     How Worm Farm Waste Systems Work The Worm Farm Waste Management System is an environmentally superior alternative to the traditional septic tank. It can…



Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

We are hugely impressed with the professional installation of our worm system and with Tony’s polite manner and extra care. Our neighbours have a worm system which they continue to express how clean and easy they run. read more

Lisa & Nigel Spicer

Thank you all for your care and professionalism concerning our urgent sewage treatment plant installation. Initially we had decided on a septic system however after being treated appallingly by the contractor we felt we had no choice but to look for a last minute alternative. After a recommendation from a neighbour we approached A&A Worm Farm Waste Systems. read more



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