Wastewater Treatment System

Lake Tyrrell

Lake Tyrrell - Buloke Council

Lake Tyrrell is a unique salt lake located seven kilometres north of Sea Lake. The Lake environment  is host to Mallee reptiles, kangaroos, emus, white-faced chats, and an inland gullery.  To get to Lake Tyrrell, head north on the Calder Highway and it’s well signposted on your right-hand side. There is a viewing platform and information bay, with plenty of car parking.

Task: Treatment of all wastewater and  sewage.

The tourists were not daunted by the lack of facilities and kept arriving.  Problems both in the Sea Lake township and at the lake began to occur – uncontrolled pedestrian and vehicle access, vegetation destruction, no signage, bogged vehicles and bush toileting were having negative impacts on the lake environment.  Visitors accessing the salt-crusted lake surface had to first cross a slimy, black muddy margin.  Running water was the only way to remove mud from footwear.  The closest facility for cleaning was the Sea Lake service station – their toilets were regularly blocked by Lake Tyrrell mud.

Project Manager: Alan Duke

Project Details

  • 5000 litre concrete tank
  • 120m wick trench x 1.6m x 600mm (8 x 15m runs)

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