Energy Autonomous Cork Memorial Medical Centre

Commercial Wastewater Treatment System

Client: Cork Memorial Trust

Task: To manage wastewater and organic waste from the medical centre and 3 housing units

Project Manager: Alan Duke

Project Facts:

  • 5000L Concrete tank
  • 35m(L) x 3m(W) 0.5m(D) absorption trenches

Dorrigo’s Cork Memorial Medical Centre is an elegant example of the possible synergy between environmental sustainability and the architectural beauty of timber design. The environmentally friendly components of this remarkable building extend from the use of timber and other natural materials in the design and construction, to its power, heating, and sewage systems.

The environmentally sustainable building was designed by Regional Architects and built by a local builder using local materials and trades wherever possible. It features cross ventilation, large thermal mass stores, double glazing, high rating insulation, natural lighting, low VOC paint, and a planted roof.

To power the medical centre, a 36kW grid-connected solar and storage system was designed and installed by local outfit Solar Depot Bellingen, made up of three Selectronic SP1202 inverter chargers, six ABB inverters, and Yingli polycrystalline solar panels.

The Dorrigo Health and Wellbeing Centre will be kept warm through Dorrigo winters by a heat pump hydronic system, which is shared with the seniors housing development via an insulated underground hot water loop.

worm farm sewage system, storm water polishing, and a rain water harvested water supply completes the centre’s Autonomous Services Package.

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