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Totally organic Septic Tank System since 1996


Using the latest worm technology treating sewerage, grey water, food and animal waste.

Residential Septic Tank Systems


If you’re looking for low cost residential septic tank systems, then we have the solution. Our non-mechanical single chamber system will handle all your sewage, wastewater and organic waste. Converting it into a reusable clear, aerated liquid fertiliser improving your soil and garden.

Commercial Septic Tank Systems


We design, build and install commercial septic tank systems. Our commercial clients include large commercial hydroponic farming, Animal Shelters and corporations with staff canteens. Our septic system can adapt to almost any sewage and wastewater management project.



We also offer solutions for rural customers that require an extremely economical and energy-efficient wastewater management system. Patented worm technology provides residents with a totally natural, Eco-Friendly alternative to traditional sewerage and wastewater management.


If you are looking to retrofit an existing septic system we require a septic tank chamber that is in good structural condition with a capacity of at least 3000 litres. We can retrofit up to 80%-90% of existing septic tanks. Find out if your system is compatible. Conditions apply.

Here’s Why Over 3000 Aussie's Choose
Our Truly Organic Septic System

All our residential systems come with a Child Proof Entry

Eco Friendly Septic Tank Systems

We manufacture and install Australia’s No 1 sewage and wastewater management system for residential, commercial and rural applications in Australia today. Other systems struggle to compare with the benefits and features of the worm farm waste system.

Our highly efficient septic systems allow for the effective conversion of sewage, wastewater and organic waste on site into a reusable liquid fertiliser that is distributed underground throughout your property.

Not ALL Septic Systems Are EQUAL

This powerful organic wastewater treatment system effectively processes sewage, all household wastewater and organic garbage, including food and vegetation, as well as weeds. Combined with naturally occurring organisms, the worm liquid opens up and improves the quality of your soil.

Our process enables the reuse and recycling of liquid fertiliser to flow under your garden, lawns and bush land. Independently tested the Worm Farm Waste System is super fast at processing sewage, wastewater and organic waste. In fact 20 times faster than a normal septic system.

Sewage & Wastewater Treatment

Our septic systems do a lot more than just process sewage and wastewater. By placing your organic waste into the system you can reduce your disposal of organic waste to landfill by up to 90%! That means placing your recyclable garbage bin out for collection every 6-8 weeks.

For custom eco-friendly septic tank systems contact us today. We can design, build and install a package to suit your specific site and needs.

Urban Myths Exposed

Household cleaners will not kill the worms and our septic tank systems will not fail as a result of medications taken. 

People Are Talking About Our Eco-Friendly Septic System

Blue Mountains 2011


We built our new farm house in the Megalong Valley in the Blue Mountains in 2011 and installed a worm farm at the recommendation of our builder. It was considered so much better than a septic system for a range of reasons. 

It has operated smoothly, and with no problems since then. 

I would strongly recommend the system for anyone in our circumstances. 

It is testament of the strength of the product and it’s relevance that you are still operating after 26 years

Thank you

John A

Best Choice We Ever Made


Hello Liz. Thank you so much for your quick reply. Yes, we will send all the information to the new owner. We are sad to leave our little block, with the worm farm the best choice we ever made for the block. But due to health and family issues, we have moved to Brisbane and now dealing with the city sewerage system.

Thank you so much, especially to Alan who was so wonderful and to Doug when he installed our system. Doug loved him. Thank you again


The Smart Choice


We’ve had our system for over 2 years now and it’s been the smart choice of the septic systems we looked at. The running costs have been minimal and its needed no maintenance. It’s been excellent using the system day to day including the disposal of our organic waste.

Big plus for the environment as well. Highly recommend this septic tank system to anyone. NSW Central Coast

Helen K


Finalist 2017 HIA Greensmart Awards

Our septic tank systems can provide a cost effective and sustainable living solution.

Eco-Friendly Septic Tank System

Our wastewater treatment plant converts sewage and organic waste using the humble worm.

Fernglade Farm

Chris Mcleod from the Macedon Ranges has a gravity septic tank system. See what he has to say….read more about permaculture.

Residential, Commercial & Rural Systems

We design site specific septic tank systems and we can you assist with your council permit.

We are JAS ANZ Certified

JAS-ANZ Certified

Septic Tank Systems in Mallacoota

“Undoubtedly its the most environmentally friendly thing I’ve done in my 71 years…..”

ABC Talk Back Radio

Worm Farm Waste Systems

Our company owns and operates the latest most fuel efficient, low emissions trucks and excavators.  This gives our staff a safe and comfortable working environment.
Installing in NSW, QLD, SA and VIC every week.

Experience the benefits of a Natural System!

Convert to the latest biological worm system technology

Commercial Septic Tank Systems

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Do You Know Your Septic Tank Regulations

Onsite wastewater management systems (Septic Tank Systems) are used on residential, community, rural and commercial premises. In each state of Australia the regulations for a onsite wastewater treatment can be very different.

That’s why we have added all the councils we have dealt with since 1996 with links to help you understand your local council septic tank regulations. Your local council will also be able to assist when it comes to understanding your septic system cost.

Septic Tank Systems - Sewage & Wastewater Management
Worm Farm Waste System Frog

About The Humble Frog

We use the frog as a mascot on our website, brochures and vehicles because they are excellent indicators of local environmental health. Frogs disappear when the environment is under stress and return when conditions improve.

It is not unusual to find frogs living happily in our Eco-Friendly Septic Tank Systems as they die in polluted water. What better proof is there of how healthy the environment becomes when you install one of our systems.

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