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Worm Farm Septic Tank System Reviews

2011 and still going strong

We have had a worm farm waste system since we built our new house in Seaspray in 2011. Prior to building I had seen an advertisement in a country newspaper and we immediately decided that that was the system for us.

It has been one of the best decisions we have made and, apart from easy general maintenance which is expected, we have enjoyed excellent results. All of our sewage, grey water, food and vegetable garden scraps go into the system. We do not put grass clippings or large garden prunings into the system as we can deal with them via our local tip and recycling service.

In the current trend of dealing with waste in a more sustainable way, we would recommend the worm farm waste system.


Blue Mountains 2011

We built our new farm house in the Megalong Valley in the Blue Mountains in 2011 and installed a worm farm at the recommendation of our builder. It was considered so much better than a septic system for a range of reasons.

It has operated smoothly, and with no problems since then. We have had one check after 5 years and no issues and we are about to have our second check.

It is environmentally sound and is really a product for our time, particularly when one lives off grid and remotely.

I would strongly recommend the system for anyone in our circumstances.

It is testament of the strength of the product and it’s relevance that you are still operating after 26 years.

Thank you

John Allen

Best Waste Water System ever

We purchased the worm farm in 2017 for our weekender and is by far the best natural sewage system on the market. As many people have said in their reviews there are no smells what so ever and the installation was professional and on time. Tony the installer worked tirelessly to find the best location for the tank after our preferred location was found to have a rock ledge just 1m underground and covered a large area around our building site. Several test holes later he finally found a suitable location and the installation went ahead. The system has worked faultlessly over the last 5 years. The worms even hung in there over the recent Covid lockdowns where we were unable to visit the property for over 6 weeks. I was worried that they may have all died but a couple of weeks after we visited a few times I noticed them happily wriggling around in the tank. I would highly recommend A&A Worm Farms to anyone thinking of purchasing one of their systems.

Terry Turner

It just works ‘as advertised’ without fuss

Everything said about worm farm water treatment systems is true.

The unit itself has worked without fault – disposing of our waste water, weeds & kitchen scraps effectively without the sewage smell.

It has coped effortlessly when our household had a fourfold increase for a week & at another time sprung back into action after a couple of months with no one at home.

By comparison, our neighbours who have basic septic systems have to get service calls every 9 months or so to fix problems.

Except for one time a passing kangaroo got caught up in the power cord to the pump and pulled it out. Fitted a cord clamp so doesn’t happen again.


Amazing customer service

I recently purchased a farm that has an AA worm farm (identification tag on the wind vent). I rang them to understand the dimensions etc, and when I gave the address they immediately pulled up the installation record from 16 years ago. They then pulled the install file from archive and sent it to me with a manual the very next day. Cheery, happy, helpful people. Couldn’t ask for a better example of exceptional customer service – when there was no commercial gain for them other than a satisfied customer. BTW the worm farm works to perfection after 16 years…

Prue W

Fantastic service, good price and hassle free

A and A Worm Farm Waste Systems did a fantastic job with a good price. I would highly recommend them. Great service that was hassle free! All council documents handled by A & A which made it easy, and the site was within 200 meters to the Hawkesbury River. My garden is absolutely loving extra the nutrients from the system and I often get comments from the my neighbours on how good the garden looks and I know its due to my A & A Worm Farm System!

James Brooker - Coast Aus Builders

Worm Farm

I wish I could write 1000 reviews saying how good this system is and how fantastic the whole team have been they worked in really well with our local council and the process from start to finish has been exemplary.

John Crock

Over the top

I wanted thank the team at Worm Farm Waste Systems for all their help, patience and professionalism. We had all kinds of obstacles to overcome including a very uncooperative council. But after 12 long months its all in and working beautifully. Super impressed.

Thanks again.

Ray Clements


Thanks Liz.

Brendan was brilliant. Very happy to have a chat and answer all of my questions.

I’ve have been speaking to Ev for probably over 5 years now about getting this system in and finally it is in! Thank you for being patient with us while we attempted to get our house built. We are really looking forward to using the system.

Thanks again.

Peter Harrison

A Grand Worm Farm

We have had our A & A Worm Farm operating now for 8 years at our property in Inverloch. This amazing system devours our green food/garden waste as well as the human waste without any smells or noise-giving us a feeling of deep satisfaction and amazement for the many visitors to whom we have raved about the system.

The Worm Farm is a critical part of our holistic Sustainable house and lifestyle establishment here at Inverloch.

I would have absolutely no hesitation recommending to anyone to consider install such a system and talk to the team about how creative one can get integrating the final effluent with your landscaping/plantation ideas.

Sorry to the A & A guys for being slow to post the review but at least readers can be assured of the longevity of the system.

I’m happy to answer any User type queries any prospective system purchaser may have

Glenn Morris

I couldn't be happier

Hi Liz,

thank you for your email.

Everything went really well during the installation, apart from the horrendous force 9 gale blowing for the entire weekend – poor Alan, he must have felt like he’d been in a wind tunnel for two days! (I really appreciated his advice on creating windbreaks though – and his ability to remain undaunted!)

It was wonderful to meet Alan, I feel quite privileged that he installed my worm farm.

In fact, it has been a real pleasure dealing with your company (A&A) Liz, right from the very first call with Ev, through to being on hand while Alan installed the system, and all our communication in between, I’ve really enjoyed the whole experience. At all times throughout the process I felt like I was in safe hands, more importantly, your communication and guidance along the way has been brilliant. I think what I really appreciate most is that I felt like I was chatting with friends any time I spoke to you, or Ev or Tracey. That made me feel valued.

Julie Abrahams

Problems, responce and solutions

After a couple of teething problems when system was 1st installed. I was super impressed with quick response to get things sorted. Allan did an amazing job and his passion, expertise, knowledge and attention to detail was 2nd to none. Thanks for a great job guys!

Troy Keddie

Bush Fires Burned Our Septic System

I installed an A & A Worm Farm Waste System on my rural property November 2003 in the NSW area of Cessnock. Unfortunately the 2019 bush fires burnt the system. I immediately arranged for a replacement system to be installed. The new system was installed efficiently in March 2021.

This is the first time I have spent any money on our septic system in 17 years. The best lost cost system on the market.

Charles S

Excellent service for an exceptionally rock site

I would like to compliment A&A Worm Farms on the level of professionalism throughout this project on an exceptionally difficult rocky site – the size of the basalt floaters did not pose any problems for the installers. Would highly recommend using A&A Worm Farms for your waste system needs.

Alan, your ‘homer’ is awaiting for collection next time you are in the area.

Tim Blyth

I will Recommend Your Company

I am so excited the worms have moved in! I’ll be happier when the plumber and electrician do their part so we can connect the two houses to the system. Brian and Alan were wonderful, working efficiently despite my frequent questions and the challenging terrain. I will recommend your company to my country-based friends.

Thanks to all the team. I will contact you in six months to arrange the checkup.

Barbara B.

A Job Well Done

Thank you Alan and Dan for a job well done and all the help and advise I received from all the office staff , I couldn’t be happier with the work ethic, knowledge and the well coordinated completion of the work. I was happy to see the local interest that was generated that I hope will lead to more visits to South Australia.

Thank you , a job well done , Paul


Excellent System - Highly Recommend

We had wastewater system installed by A & A about 12 months ago. The system has been working very efficiently and we have been very satisfied with the service and advice we have received so far. The quality of this system has met all our expectations and more. We have not hesitated to recommend this system to any potential customer of A & A Worm Farm Waste Systems.

Barry Beechworth

Best Choice We Ever Made

Hello, Liz. Thank you so much for your quick reply. Yes, we will send all the information to the new owner. We are sad to leave our little block, with the worm farm the best choice we ever made for the block, But due to health and family issues, we have moved to Brisbane and now dealing with the city sewerage system. Thank you so much, especially to Alan who was so wonderful to Doug when he installed our system. Doug loved him . Thank you again.


It just looks after itself!

We have this system for our house in NE Vic – family of four, plenty of visitors, two toilets and bathrooms and washing machine/dishwasher running most days. There is nothing different inside the house, and the unit sits outside the house and just runs itself. Occasionally we throw in a dead rabbit and green compost from the garden. I can’t understand why anyone would want a septic system with regular maintenance costs, when this has none and is eco friendly as well. The company dealt with our local council for the permit with no problems. It has definitely been the way to go for us.

Richard and Rose

Totally Agree

I totally agree with Gill from Vic. The worm farm waste system is absolutely fantastic. Its been running without a hitch for the last 4 years and garden looks great. For anyone considering a septic system please take the time to look at this one. You will not be disappointed.

Lisa Morrison

The Smart Choice

We’ve had our system for over 2 years now and it’s been the smart choice of the septic systems we looked at. The running costs have been minimal and its needed no maintenance. It’s been excellent using the system day to day including the disposal of our organic waste. Big plus for the environment as well. Highly recommend this septic tank system to anyone. NSW Central Coast.

Nick Henderson

Just installed

We just had our system installed a few weeks ago. I would really like to thank everyone at Worm Farm Waste Systems for their professionalism throughout the whole process. You basically sorted out all our issues with council which was a real blessing. Totally recommend you guys. Thanks again for everything.

Lara Bennett

This System Works

We had our system installed 12 months ago and it’s been fantastic. No smells, not noisy, the worms just do their thing. Very happy with our system and the trenches have blended in very nicely.

Melanie Hamilton

Worth the effort

After wrestling with our local council we finally got the permit. It’s been a bit of a journey but well worth the effort. From start to finish the team at A&A have been absolutely amazing. Very professional and nothing was ever a problem. It’s been 3 months now and our worm farm septic system is going along beautifully. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly septic system this is the one.


Best Eco System

We compared a number of systems and this one simply ticked all the boxes. Service, Installation and Price were the main reasons we chose a Worm farm Waste System. Highly recommend.

Peter and Michelle Healy

No Worries

Soon it will be 7 years since I have installed the Worm Farm Waste Water Treatment System here in the Otways (VIC). It has been running like a charm since. The worms are happy and doing a great job. The pump in now due for a renewal and it is the only intervention needed until now. Great system, so eco-friendly. I recommend this company and system to anyone who is looking for a sustainable, economic and efficient waste water treatment system.

J-P Pector

Excellent Service

Hi Ev, Just a note to thank you for the excellent service we received from you guys and the installer. Amazing he can do the whole installation on his own! Regards, Paul

Paul Baldwin

Professionalism and Confidence

May I also say that the service I have received from A&A Worm Farm Systems has been incredible! Such professionalism and confidence in your product and service. I am very impressed with everyone I have spoken with thus far, and am pleased I took the time to trawl through suppliers and find you guys. Thank you Sarah

Sarah Rowan

Excellent experience

Thanks very much for your assistance & please find attached payment receipt. The process & dealing with everyone has been excellent & it was great being able to meet Alan yesterday to discuss the tank location & other matters – he was very helpful. Cheers, Bill Slater

Bill Slater

Recommend this system to any potential customer

We have had a worm farm waste system installed by A & A Worm Farm Waste System Pty Ltd for some years. The system has been working efficiently and effectively and we have been very happy with the efficient service and advice we have received from the company since that time. The quality of the product and the workmanship of the company have met all our expectations and we have not hesitated to recommend this system to any potential customer of A & A Worm Farm Waste Systems. Yours sincerely David and Pauline John Mardan VIC

David and Pauline John

Best System I've ever used

I have had a Worm Farm Waste System installed at my home in Flinders on the Mornington Peninsula. It was installed two years ago. I endorse the technology and have advocated this system of waste disposal since I learned about it. The Worm Farm Waste System deals with all my sewage. grey water and organic garbage. I am delighted with the environmentally sustainable aspect of the system. Alan Duke and his staff designed, manufactured and installed the Worm Farm Waste System at my home. They were highly professional in their work, left the home site in very good shape, and their after sales customer service has been outstanding. I understand that there are others who do the same. The Mornington Peninsula Shire Environmental Departments inspector conducted a final inspection. The Worm Farm Waste System was passed immediately. Since I installed the system, many people have contacted me asking for my impressions, visited me to see what is involved, and several have had it installed. Most people were impressed that my home garbage disposal had fallen to less than 10% of what it was because the Worm Farm Waste System takes everything – even garden refuse -except glass and plastic. In my experience the Worm Farm Waste System is more effective for waste disposal than a septic tank – which I had for forty years – and unlike the septic tank it produces no smell, and no shrub tree roots penetrate the system. Also, in my experience, the Worm Farm Waste system requires little or no maintenance, unlike similar systems that use chemicals regularly. I am happy to talk with others in the community about the system I have had installed and show them what it is like at my home. Richard Trahair Flinders VIC

Richard Trahair

Incredibly Professional

I will organize payment over the coming week (I am away in Sydney for a few days). The system so far looks great and is everything that we were hoping for. I just wanted to let you know that the guy that you sent to install the system (I am sorry I have forgotten his name) was amazing. He was incredibly professional, insanely hard working and an excellent communicator. I believe that individuals like this only serve to better the reputation of your company. I will email in 6 months for the initial service.

Jai Bishop

Worry Free Experience

The installation couldn’t have gone smoother. Tony was extremely competent and professional and is a great asset to your business. We will pay the balance by direct deposit in the next day or so. Please pass along to Tony our thanks for a worry free experience. QLD

Sean O’Grady

Clean and Tidy site

Thank you Liz. We were very impressed with Tony. He worked hard and put in long days, he didn’t grizzle about the rain or the mud, and left our site very clean and tidy. NSW

Bree Wickenden

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

We are hugely impressed with the professional installation of our worm system and with Tony’s polite manner and extra care. Our neighbours have a worm system which they continue to express how clean and easy they run. When we first contacted A and A Worm Farm System. We received prompt emails, replies and answers. Unlike other worm farm system companies. EV and A and A worm farm has been very helpful and thorough from the beginning. Overall, we are very happy and excited to have our own environmentally friendly worm farm system with no ongoing quarterly maintenance costs.

Lisa and Nigel Spicer

Highly recommended

In regards to the installation I was most impressed with Anthony and his professionalism and knowledge regarding the overall job. I extended my gratitude to him for his work but would appreciate if you could also pass on our thanks on a job well done. Also we have been managing various sub contractors for our build and have found your company to be one of the most professional to deal with, being very organised with timelines and information. Your communication has been excellent and will highly recommend your services going forward to anyone considering installing a similar system. Thanks again

Craig Pendrick

My new worm farm, on time and on budget!

Firstly, I must thank you for sending such wonderful technician to carry out the installation. The installer was a delight to have on our site, he was courteous, co-operative, accommodating and above all extremely safety conscious. It was a pleasure to see such a professional approach to ones work, something that is sadly lacking in today’s workforce. Please convey my sincere thanks to him for the excellent job he did whilst he was with us. The worm farm itself is a very nice package, nestled neatly in an inconspicuous corner of the lot, great design and aesthetically pleasing. We will hopefully be building 6-9 small self-contained cottages over the next two years and will most definitely be considering worm farms for these. Thanks again for making this a most enjoyable experience. Cheers, thanks for everything.

Martin Jacobson

Urgent sewage treatment plant installation

Thank you all for your care and professionalism concerning our urgent sewage treatment plant installation. Initially we had decided on a septic system however after being treated appallingly by the contractor we felt we had no choice but to look for a last minute alternative. After a recommendation from a neighbour we approached Worm Farm Waste Systems. From the outset we were treated like friends rather than customers. We received a detailed quote within hours and soon accepted the quote. The entire system was installed within 7 days of acceptance by a highly professional in house team who gave great advice on use and maintenance and answered all our questions. In part all the staff of Worm Farm Waste Systems have been friendly, courteous, highly professional and always helpful and we have no reservations about recommending your company to potential clients.

Matthew B

We’re extremely happy with the system

Almost two years ago, we began building a new house on a bare cow paddock in the hills above Foster in Sth Gippsland. Our distance from many services meant that we had to come up with a self-contained management system for water collection and sewerage/grey water treatment. Water collection is an easy one to solve, but the latter problem allows for a more creative or innovative solution. After reading a great deal and talking to anyone who’d listen, I came across an ad for Worm Farm Waste Systems in ReNew magazine. It sounded good, so I spoke to Alan and Ev Duke about the mechanics of the system and the logistics of installation. I then spoke to the Health Officer at the Sth Gippsland Shire Council, Callum Morrison, who surprised me with his enthusiasm for both the product and for my preparedness to explore a less conventional solution. Armed with great advice and support, plus the knowledge that the project made sense economically, we went ahead. Two things made the project much easier than I imagined it would be … the company’s eagerness to answer any stupid question I came up with AND the fact that they made no fuss about installing on a block that is 2 hours from Melbourne and in very hilly terrain. The permit application was handled seamlessly and independently of us, and Callum Morrison from the Sth Gippsland Shire collaborated with advice, as well as his preference for siting both the tank and the trenches … and then the project went ahead. The installation all happened in our absence, so I didn’t get to witness any mess or chaos. However, when we DID see things afterwards, we were thrilled at the apparent effortlessness of it all. The location was good and the attendant plumbing, ready to attach to the house, was well placed with access to all parts well marked, but also well out of the way. All the earthworks were neat and exactly where we wanted them. And, in addition, Alan had kindly dug another trench and fitted an overflow pipe on our new water tank. The latter was not in the contract, but I am forever grateful to him for such a thoughtful act. The system has been in place for over 12 months now and the bottom line is that it works. Stuff goes in (an astonishing amount of household organic waste, newspapers, cardboard, garden waste … and, of course, sewerage and grey water) and it seems to cope with ease. The level of the contents of the holding tank appears to stay surprisingly static, so clearly the worms and other organisms are happy. We’ve planted a lot of plants that like a fair amount of moisture along the trench line and they are thriving quite merrily. So we’re extremely happy with the system and I have no doubt now that the system will keep doing what it does for many years to come. We have already heartily recommended the system to a number of people we know in similar situations and will continue to do so in the future.

Michael Shirrefs

I purchased a second system

I bought my first A&A Worm Farm Waste System a few years ago and was so impressed with the service and performance of the system that I purchased a second system when I built another property last year. Over the years that I have had the Worm Farm Waste System I have found it to be very reliable and flexible. Being able to put other household waste into the system such as kitchen scraps means that our offsite waste has drastically reduced so we add very little to landfill and there are no smelly bins in summer! One of the big pluses for the Worm Farm Waste System is that it NEVER smells of septic wastes like many other systems available. Even when you take the lid off there is only ever the sweet smell of compost. One of the main factors influencing my decision to purchase a second system was the excellent customer service provided by this family business before, during and after the installation of the system. Because Ev and Alan have designed and built the system themselves you know that the advice and support received from them is of the highest quality and completely reliable. I have a number of friends who also have a Worm Farm Waste System installed at their homes who are happy with their systems.

Fiona G

You went above and beyond during our job

Anouk and I would like to thank your whole team for your extremely helpful and professional advice and installation of our Worm farm Septic Waste System. Your fantastic help dealing with the local council and securing us a gravity system was particularly appreciated. Right from our 1st phone call though, everyone has been extra courteous and on the ball, always returning calls/emails and keeping us up to date and fully informed during the process. During the install I also received great feedback and praise for your system from the council health inspector, this can only add to our confidence in your model and was great to hear. You went above and beyond during our job. We struck some particularly nasty ground and if not for your perseverance and dogged determination I don’t think the job would have been completed. No one can tell what is under the ground until the first trench is started, and we were surprised at the amount of floating rock that he struck. You were jolted around your excavator in scorching heat for a day and a half and just when we thought it could only get easier, it got harder. The man is an absolute gentleman and I am sure part pit bull, he would not let the conditions beat him. A huge THANK YOU to you all and looking forward to breeding thousands of worms.

Glenn and Anouk Pavey

Thank you sincerely for all your efforts

I would like to take this opportunity to thankyou sincerely for all your efforts in the installation of our Worm Farm Waste System in Wamboin NSW. While everything was not plain sailing in building our new home and we had some difficulties to overcome together. We had two issues; the transpiration area was initially installed incorrectly, then the second installer Matt, installed less transpiration bed (piping length) and without gravel into a new location and it this still remained off the land contour. Once Allan arrived onsite to install additional drainage capacity you noticed our second install attempt was not installed correctly, still remaining off land contour and also short of what was ordered and paid for. After Allan gave his profound apologies he proceeded to correct the situation by installing additional LPED lines and correcting the run of the existing trenches to now follow the correct land contour. While Allan could have proceeded to perform correction activities and add additional capacity by the way of additional RELN drain and charge us for this, I may have remained none the wiser, however the integrity and professionalism of you Ev and Allan and Worm Farm Waste Systems I have found uncompromising, I was quickly informed of the installer error and it was all corrected without any need from us to push for a resolution, this is something that is so rare nowadays. Yes we had issues and this is something you have been happy to acknowledge and correct without fuss of complaint. The system now I believe is installed correctly and functioning as expected and designed to do so. Once again a big thank you to all who have assisted us, Ev, Allan, Liz and Tony, it is the uncompromising commitment to deliver a system to an exacting design and specification with an honest commitment that is very rare indeed today. I am still espousing the benefits of your systems and will continue to do so, not only do they deliver an excellent, environmentally friendly waste management system, it’s how you and your company have handled our situation with integrity. Thank you.

Nathan & Penni

Fantastic System

Appreciate all the help and the professional advice Allan could provide on where it is best suited etc. He was great to deal with and I look forward to seeing the system in action. Will happily recommend the service so far that’s for sure. VIC

Dennis Barnett

Neighbours have a system

We have neighbours who have a septic tank system installed by Worm Farm Waste Systems and its fantastic. They are always telling us we should get one. Its cheap to run and where the trenches good looks very green and healthy. We save up to put our food scraps into their system. Hopefully we can get a Worm Farm Waste System soon.

David Forster

I would recommend this system to anyone

We just didn’t want to run with a standard septic storage system given the problems that can sometimes associate themselves with this method of waste collection. The A&A Worm Farm Waste Treatment System has been absolutely brilliant. Once installed you barely know it’s there and the small compost bin that provides access to it blends perfectly into the surrounds. But more importantly it works. All of our degradable wastes make their way into the tank and are never heard of again. There has never been any smell nor maintenance issues and we have even used the treated water to get our garden flourishing beautifully. I would recommend this system to anyone who is looking for an efficient and effective system to treat household waste. How simple and effective, this system just works. No mess, no fuss, no smell and no maintenance – there couldn’t be a simpler way to treat household waste. This system is remarkable, the worms just eat through almost anything and everything and the byproduct – water that can be used to irrigate your garden. Environmentally this system is so sustainable yet so simple – more people should be using it to reduce our impact on the Global Environment. In three years we have had not one incident and why would we, the only moving parts are the worms! This system has been so efficient and caters just as easily when there are only a few people in the house right up to when the masses arrive and settle in for the week.

Rod B

Excellent service

Hi Guys, Firstly I want to say a big than you to Anthony, he is a real asset to your company. Fantastic service and experience with working out our problem of a small block.I also appreciate Liz’s assistance with finding a guy with a bobcat to take away excess dirt,last minute. An impossible task but she did it.

Justin Monaghan

Couldn't be happier

12 months in and we couldn’t be happier. The system works extremely well no matter what we throw at it. Even over Christmas with more than 15 people staying in the house we could not fault it. We give it the worm farm waste system the thumbs up. From our initial enquiry all the way to the installation the service was exceptional. Thank you!!!

Michael Koster

Highly Recommend this to anyone

We had our new septic system installed last month and its amazing. It’s crazy what these worms can do with all our sewage, black water and food scraps. Even when we had a function over the weekend with 10 extra people in the house the system never missed a beat. From quote to installation the whole process was seamless. If you want to improve your local environment I can highly recommend anyone the worm farm waste system

Roger Hamilton

Hasn't missed a beat

Over the past 18 months we have been using our septic system which we bought from Worm Farm Waste Systems. I didn’t really have any expectations in the beginning. The whole process of getting a septic system approved and installed was very new to us. But we are very impressed with how the system is performing on a day to day basis. I sometimes forget its even there because I cannot hear the pump turn on. We’ve had extra people stay on weekends and the system hasn’t missed a beat. If anyone is thinking of a septic system thats costs next to nothing to run and is super environmentally friendly then this is it. Thanks Worm Farm

Debbie Forster

System installed last week

We had the new system installed last week, but our house is not finished yet so i cant review the system itself. However the service and installation was fantastic, we have a bit of a difficult block, and with some tree issues we had to rethink some of the trenching onsite at the time. This was no issue for Peter who took it all in his stride. He went to great efforts to get it all installed (which was over 3 days due to our difficult terrain). Liz in the office offered great communication and always ensured we knew when Peter was coming. Looking forward to seeing how the actual system performs

Scott Mison

Existing Client

I am an existing client with A & A Worm Farm Waste System and have been for 8 years. I cannot agree with the review posted by Julie C on so many fronts. Our experience during the entire permit process, co ordinating the installation and after sales service has been very impressive. After 8 years we have never had a problem with the system, appreciate the fact all our food waste & organic matter are able to be disposed into the system with our garden benefiting from the beautiful worm liquid. Any time we have asked a question the response has been very professional and helpful. We have recommended this system to all our friends and neighbors The internet is a marvellous tool however can be used in such a negative way by competitors


Simply Amazing

We are also very happy with our new worm farm septic system. The fact that we can add our organic waste into the system is a real bonus. And that was the deciding factor when we went ahead with this system. It’s a fully environmentally friendly system that just works. If you’;re in the market for a septic system we can highly recommend this one.


Really Happy

Thanks so much, we’re really happy with how the install went, Peter was very efficient and helpful! And we’ve been generally so impressed with dealing with you guys overall! We’ll be recommending a&a in the future!


Second time round

Purchased a system back in 1996 when this company first opened and worked beautifully

Have sold and built again, now using the updated system wow what a difference . Al fantastic job of install, on time did all the hard work from permits to final. Thankyou. highly recommend to anyone this type of system . Great company to deal with

Darrell Powell

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