Our Rural Septic Tank and Wastewater Solutions

Can save you up to $900 per year on power consumption with our site specific rural septic system solutions

Approved in VIC, NSW, QLD, SA, ACT & NT A&A Worm Farm Waste Systems uses an innovative yet simple worm technology to provide residents and businesses with a natural, eco-friendly alternative to organic waste disposal.

From farms to animal waste facilities, horse studs, camping grounds and more, we can provide site specific organic waste disposal and wastewater treatment for all rural applications. Whether you require a new installation or retro fitting of an existing septic system, we can accommodate all your needs.

Solutions for a single house to a whole town, A&A Worm Farm Systems specialises in energy-efficient rural septic systems.

Worm Farm Waste Systems
Domestic Septic Tank Systems

Experience the benefits of a Natural septic tank system

With the latest biological worm system technology

Non-mechanical, our simply engineered eco-friendly worm septic system converts your wastewater into reusable liquid fertiliser for your garden, lawns and bush land. Reducing organic waste disposal in landfills by up to 90%, our worm technology is a proven environmentally sustainable solution for your rural site.

Suitable for all climates including alpine areas and tropical conditions, other features and benefits of our rural septic systems and waste disposal solutions include:

  • Environmentally sustainable and friendly
  • No smell
  • No noisy pumps
  • No service contracts
  • Natural fertiliser generated by the worms
  • The wastewater treatment system does domestic sewage, grey water and all household organic waste
  • Low cost. $20 per year on a four bedroom house
  • Can reduce household organic waste by up to 90%
  • We take care of the council permits on behalf of the client
  • Installation is included
Domestic Septic Tank Systems

Environmentally Friendly Waste Systems

Let us design the Worm Farm Waste System to suit your rural site