We can Retro fit 80%-90% of existing septic tanks and aerated wastewater treatment plants


A&A Worm Farm Systems can accommodate your specific site needs

A cost effective method to treat sewage, organic waste and grey water in an energy efficient way. For example if you look at the service and energy costs for aerated wastewater treatment plants, or you are tired of the septic tank smelling, it would be very easy to justify a conversion to a Worm Farm Waste System.


The conversion requires a septic tank chamber that is in good structural condition with a capacity of at least 3000 litres. We would remove the baffles and convert to a Worm Farm Waste System.

The vent pipe can either be:

Freestanding coming from the bottom of the chamber

Attached to the building if appropriate


The Worm Farm Waste System is not mechanical.  We have harnessed Mother Nature by using worms to process your sewage and organic waste. If you have a large crowd at your home the Worm Farm Waste System will cope, unlike treatment plants which just stop working or the septic tank which smells.


Worm Farm Waste Systems can take high peak loading and additional energy consumption is not required for processing. Let the worms do it naturally. Unlike wastewater treatment plants and septic tanks, Worm Farm Waste systems have the added bonus of processing  organic waste.  Approximately 90% less organic waste could leave your site for landfill.


Recyclables such as plastics, bottles, cans, foil containers, tetra packs etc. require disposal off site.

Newspapers and cardboard should also be recycled and not added to the Worm Farm as they do not break down quickly enough.

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