Septic System Cost - 5 Things You Should Know

When considering a what type of septic system you want or need there are several factors that determine your septic system cost.


  • Type of septic system required. Gravity feed or pump.
  • The number of bedrooms will determine the size of the your dispersal area. The typical house as 4 bedrooms.
  • The materials used to build septic tank. For example poly tank Vs concrete.
  • Your local council septic tank regulations. Council permits vary from state to state.
  • The condition and location of your land. Some areas are more difficult to access and excavate.

There could other factors that affect the cost of your Septic System

  • Sand Filter. Does your location or council regulations mean that you will need a sand filter for secondary treatment.
  • Retrofit your existing septic tank. We can retrofit 80% – 90% of existing septic tanks.


Septic System Cost for Domestic or Rural

The cost to supply and install our Eco-Friendly Septic Tank System for an average 4 bedroom home ranges between $10,000 and $15,000.

We will come out to service your system after it has been operating for 6 months.


Ongoing Costs:

  • There are no ongoing service contracts.
  • Your system does not require desludging every 3-5 years.
  • A 4 bedroom house will cost you $20 pa.

Septic System Cost

Septic System Cost with a Sand Filter

The cost to supply and install a Septic System with a Sand Filter for an average 4 bedroom home ranges between $15,000 and $20,000.

We will come out to service your system after it has been operating for 6 months.


Ongoing Costs:

  • There are no ongoing service contracts.
  • Your system does not require desludging every 3-5 years.
  • A 4 bedroom house will cost you $20 pa.

Septic System Cost

Cost of a Commercial Septic System

The cost to supply and install a Commercial Septic System will vary considerable. Many factors will determine the cost however most commercial systems start at $25,000.

We will come out to service your system after it has been operating for 6 months.


Ongoing Costs:

  • There are no ongoing service contracts.
  • Your system does not require desludging every 3-5 years.

Commercial Septic System Cost

Read what our clients have to say

5 Things Determine Septic System Cost Overall rating: 4.7 out of 5 based on 19 reviews.

I would recommend this system to anyone

5 5 1
We just didn’t want to run with a standard septic storage system given the problems that can sometimes associate themselves with this method of waste collection. The A&A Worm Farm Waste Treatment System has been absolutely brilliant. Once installed you barely know it’s there and the small compost bin that provides access to it blends perfectly into the surrounds. But more importantly it works. All of our degradable wastes make their way into the tank and are never heard of again. There has never been any smell nor maintenance issues and we have even used the treated water to get our garden flourishing beautifully. I would recommend this system to anyone who is looking for an efficient and effective system to treat household waste. How simple and effective, this system just works. No mess, no fuss, no smell and no maintenance – there couldn’t be a simpler way to treat household waste. This system is remarkable, the worms just eat through almost anything and everything and the byproduct – water that can be used to irrigate your garden. Environmentally this system is so sustainable yet so simple – more people should be using it to reduce our impact on the Global Environment. In three years we have had not one incident and why would we, the only moving parts are the worms! This system has been so efficient and caters just as easily when there are only a few people in the house right up to when the masses arrive and settle in for the week.

Fantastic System

5 5 1
Appreciate all the help and the professional advice Allan could provide on where it is best suited etc. He was great to deal with and I look forward to seeing the system in action. Will happily recommend the service so far that’s for sure. VIC

Excellent service

5 5 1
Hi Guys, Firstly I want to say a big than you to Anthony, he is a real asset to your company. Fantastic service and experience with working out our problem of a small block.I also appreciate Liz's assistance with finding a guy with a bobcat to take away excess dirt,last minute. An impossible task but she did it.

Highly recommended

5 5 1
In regards to the installation I was most impressed with Anthony and his professionalism and knowledge regarding the overall job. I extended my gratitude to him for his work but would appreciate if you could also pass on our thanks on a job well done. Also we have been managing various sub contractors for our build and have found your company to be one of the most professional to deal with, being very organised with timelines and information. Your communication has been excellent and will highly recommend your services going forward to anyone considering installing a similar system. Thanks again

My new worm farm, on time and on budget!

5 5 1
Firstly, I must thank you for sending such wonderful technician to carry out the installation. The installer was a delight to have on our site, he was courteous, co-operative, accommodating and above all extremely safety conscious. It was a pleasure to see such a professional approach to ones work, something that is sadly lacking in today’s workforce. Please convey my sincere thanks to him for the excellent job he did whilst he was with us. The worm farm itself is a very nice package, nestled neatly in an inconspicuous corner of the lot, great design and aesthetically pleasing. We will hopefully be building 6-9 small self-contained cottages over the next two years and will most definitely be considering worm farms for these. Thanks again for making this a most enjoyable experience. Cheers, thanks for everything.

Urgent sewage treatment plant installation

5 5 1
Thank you all for your care and professionalism concerning our urgent sewage treatment plant installation. Initially we had decided on a septic system however after being treated appallingly by the contractor we felt we had no choice but to look for a last minute alternative. After a recommendation from a neighbour we approached A&A Worm Farm Waste Systems. From the outset we were treated like friends rather than customers. We received a detailed quote within hours and soon accepted the quote. The entire system was installed within 7 days of acceptance by a highly professional in house team who gave great advice on use and maintenance and answered all our questions. In part all the staff of A&A Worm Farm Waste Systems have been friendly, courteous, highly professional and always helpful and we have no reservations about recommending your company to potential clients.

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21 Reasons Why People Choose Our System

  • 21 Years in the wastewater industry (since 1996)
  • Single chamber with low site impact
  • Low running costs. $20 per year based on a 4 bedroom house
  • Our pumps are very quite & only activated by demand
  • No terrible smells
  • 20 times faster than septic or aerated systems in processing sewage solids
  • 10 Year System Warranty

Did we mention NO Service Contracts

  • Thousands of systems installed
  • Residential, Commercial & Rural Systems
  • Approved in VIC, NSW, SA, QLD & NT
  • We help with Council Permit Applications
  • Company employed installers are used to install your system
  • Can reduce household organic waste by up to 90%
  • Many effluent dispersal options
  • We can retrofit existing septic or aerated systems
  • Aerobic system driven by a wind driven ventilator
  • Natural liquid fertiliser is added to you soil
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable
  • Suitable for all climates – Alpine and Tropical areas
  • Weed control – Dispose of ragwort, dock, thistle

Do You Know Your Septic Tank Regulations

Onsite wastewater management systems (Septic Tank Systems) are used on residential, community, rural and commercial premises. In each state of Australia the regulations for a onsite wastewater treatment can be very different.

That’s why we have added all the councils we have dealt with since 1996 with links to help you understand your local council septic tank regulations. Your local council will also be able to assist when it comes to understanding your septic system cost.


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We use the frog as a mascot on our website, brochures and vehicles because they are excellent indicators of local environmental health. Frogs disappear when the environment is under stress and return when conditions improve.

It is not unusual to find frogs living happily in our Eco-Friendly Septic Tank Systems and as they die in polluted water. What better proof is there of how healthy the environment becomes when you install one of our systems.   

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