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Worm Farm Waste Systems

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National Head Office

Worm Farm Waste Systems

5/2135 Frankston Flinders Road

Hastings Victoria 3195

P: 03 5979 1887

F: 03 5979 1854


P: (07) 5522 9686

New South Wales

P: (02) 9653 3034

South Australia

P: (03) 5979 1887

International Callers

P: +61 (03) 5979 1887


I bought my first A&A Worm Farm Waste System a few years ago and was so impressed with the service and performance of the system that I purchased a second system when I built another property last year. Over the years that I have had the Worm Farm Waste System I have found it to be very reliable and flexible. Being able to put other household waste into the system such as kitchen scraps means that our offsite waste has drastically reduced so we add very little to landfill and there are no smelly bins in summer!


Fiona G, Qld