Council Permit For A Worm Farm Septic Tank

Gaining a permit from your local council is a crucial step in the process of installing your new septic system.

This is why we are happy to take on responsibility of obtaining your worm farm septic tank permit. With over 20 years experience the A&A team has been liaising with local councils from all over Australia and have made the permit application process very simple and easy for its customers. The A&A team will complete and manage your worm septic tank system application during its approval process. We do all the hard work for you.

One of the most commonly asked questions is “Will council allow me to install this worm farm septic tank in my area?”

If you would like to speak to your local council directly we have provided some links for Victoria, New South Wales and all other states.

Worm Farm Septic Tank System


The answer is YES!

Not only do councils allow the Worm Farm Septic Tank to be installed, in this age of sustainability they welcome it!

The key to gaining council approval is to submit an application which gives your council all the relevant information they need. Most councils require a Land Capability Assessment sometimes called a soil percolation report to be submitted with the permit application. A geotechnical engineer needs to be engaged to carry out an analysis of your property and then produce a report.

The factors taken into consideration by the geotechnical engineer when producing the report include the quantity of wastewater generated – for a domestic dwelling this is calculated by looking at the number of bedrooms, soil conditions, and environmental features such as dams, rivers, creeks, bores etc. and the aspect of the property.

The A&A Worm Farm Waste Systems team can help by recommending a geotechnical engineering company in your area for you to engage.


 What we require from you for the permit application:

  • A site plan
  • A floor plan
  • A copy of the certificate of title for the property ( some councils require this )
  • Payment of the permit fee

The A&A Worm Farm Waste Systems team will use the information provided in the LCA to design a site specific system which is appropriate for you property. This design will be overlayed on the site plan you provide and submitted to council as part of the permit application. To find out more about your local council regulations go here.

A&A Worm Farm Waste Systems are in contact with councils throughout the eastern and central states every day and intimately understand the processes that need to be followed in order to gain approval to install a Worm Farm Waste System.

If you are considering a natural, environmentally sustainable septic tank system for your site, contact the A&A Worm Farm Waste Systems team today to find out more!