Advanced Secondary Wastewater Treatment - QLD


A domestic Septic System was required in Noosa QLD that delivered advanced secondary wastewater treatment.


Design and install a septic system in a domestic/rural setting 10 metres from a waterway that complied with stringent council regulations.

Project Manager:

Alan Duke

Project Facts:

  • 4000 litre poly tank
  • Pump system
  • 50m(L) x 2.5m(W) bed (2 x 24m beds)

Installation Date:

May 2020

Septic System No 2

The owners had their 2nd A&A Worm Farm Waste System installed.  They relocated from Jilliby NSW to Noosa on the Sunshine Coast QLD.  The first item on the agenda when arranging the construction of their new home was a Worm Farm Waste System.


When designing the trench layout for this wastewater treatment system, you would normally follow the minimum regulation set back from a waterway which is 60 -100 metres. However is this case we only had a very small area to work with and the local council were adamant that a Worm Farm Waste System would not be installed on this site. With the help of A&A Worm Farm Waste Systems we were to install our trenches within 10 metres of a waterway. This was an absolutely amazing result. The installation was inspected & passed by council.

We achieved this result with the Sunshine Coast Council by using a trench material which delivers secondary & advanced secondary wastewater treatment of the effluent that complied with council regulations.

Advanced Secondary Wastewater Treatment

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Advanced Secondary Wastewater Treatment