You Yangs Regional Park

Eco Friendly Septic tank System

You Yangs Regional Park

The toilet block in the You Yangs Regional Park is Parks Victoria’s busiest with 400 people per day using the facility. Standard septic tank system could not cope and the smell was over powering.

The task was:
  • Remove old system
  • Modify building to fit worm farm
  • Install new Worm Farm System septic tank solution
  • Construct Wisconsin Mound
Unique solution:

Parks Victoria needed an environmentally friendly solution to their traditional septic tank. The commercial Worm Farm Waste System has been able to handle up to 400 people per day processing all the wastewater and sewage.

The result has have been:

  • No Smells for the public and parks staff
  • Easy to maintain
  • Cost efficient
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable

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