Client: Shoalhaven Animal Shelter – Nowra Council NSW

Task: Process 25 kg of dog waste per day

Project Manager: Alan Duke

Project Facts:

  • 1 x 50,000L – 5 metre diameter concrete tank
  • 2 x 197m2 – Wisconsin mounds for effluent dispersal

The Shoalhaven Animal Shelter is run by the RSPCA on behalf of the Shoalhaven City Council. The animal shelter offers, education, medical attention and love for all kinds of animals. Shoalhaven City is located on the south coast of New South Wales, about 160 kilometres south of the Sydney CBD. As a part of the city councils environmental management plan it made perfect sense to install a Commercial Worm Farm Waste System to process all the dog waste into a reusable liquid fertilizer.


Worm farm Commercial Septic Tank Systems in places like Flavorite Tomatoes and Select Harvest have proven to be real game changers when it comes to the management of organic waste, sewage and wastewater.

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